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ARC Manor is a collaborative agency committed to effective addiction treatment and education. ARC Manor strives to enhance the quality of life and health of individuals, families, and communities.

At ARC Manor, we are proud to offer:

DUI Awareness Program


Vernon Hilyer of Clarion shares his "life sentence" Hilyer's 21-year-old son, Brandon, died after driving drunk in September 2008.

"My name is Vernon Hilyer aka: Brandon's Dad. I share a true life story about my son's fight with alcohol and the effects his choices had on everyone who knew and loved him. My son Brandon was an outstanding all-American kid that was full of life, but alcohol impaired his control and eventually robbed him of life. Now I serve a "Life Sentence" due to his drinking and driving. My Life Sentence is not one behind bars but a life full of sadness and emptiness. I share many things about his drinking world, both in high school and in college that most can relate to. My true-life story has had a life changing effect on many people. As you look through this site, think to yourself how this will impact your students. Working together we can save one more life."