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RxList Pill Identification Tool

Having trouble identifying prescription, OTC, generic, and brand name pills and capsules? Quickly identify drugs and medications, including pill identifying pictures, using the RxList Pill Identifier Tool.


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Primary Health Network
ARC Manor
Suite 204
30 Pinnacle Dr.
Clarion, PA 16214
(fax) 814-223-9926

Deadlier, Stronger Drug Linked to Heroin Hits Southwestern PA.

Now, stamp bags have been found labeled "overdose" and "suicide," according to Dr. Neil Capretto, medical director of Gateway Rehab.

There's a form of heroin in these stamp bags, according to Capretto, that the Pennsylvania Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs is warning the public about. The painkiller fentanyl is being branded as heroin. read more...

Bath Salts Study

The active ingredient in the synthetic drug known as bath salts could be more addictive than methamphetamine, a new study in rats suggests.read more...

Having Trouble Accessing Addiction Treatment benefits Through Commercial Insurance or CHIP?

More information here »

Two Medications Good First Option for Treating Alcoholism, Study Finds

An analysis of studies that evaluated two medications used to treat alcoholism concludes they are a good first option for people who want treatment but wish to avoid an inpatient program. read more...

ARC Manor provides counseling sessions for problem gambling....call for more information! 724-548-7607 or 1-800-323-1333.

NEW RESOURCE: www.easyread.drugabuse.gov

This easy-to-read website talks about drug abuse, addiction, and treatment. It has pictures and videos to help readers understand the text. The website also can read each page out loud. The pages are easy to print out to share with people who do not have computers. Learn more about the features of this website at Tools and Resources.